Villa Noailles, Hyères – 2004

Musée des Abattoirs/ Centre de Développement Chorégraphique, Toulouse – 2006

Palais de Tokyo, Paris – 2008-2009



Babydisco is a playful introduction to club land: children take possession of a reduced-scale entirely rebuilt disco, where nightclub clichés meet a childlike universe in an outsize plush jewelry box. In the scheduled 45 min long sessions, groups of 10 to 12 children take control of this completely free space, to which parents have no access, apart from a discreet glance through the door at the beginning of the session. This space is also an initiation to different forms of contemporary culture (design, video, dance and music…), and can be read in different ways i.e. from the parents’ or the children’s point of view. The children immediately perceive it as a ludic environment while their parents are presented with a familiar cultural reference reinvented by their children.


Concept, Art direction, set & light design: I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER

Sound design & DJ programmation: Guillaume Sorge (Dirty Sound System)

Object design: Florence Doléac (courtesy galerie Jousse Entreprise)

Animated videos: Yi Zhou (courtesy Galerie Jérôme de Noirmont)


Produced by La Villa Noailles, Hyères.

The Musée des Abattoir session was produced by the Centre de Developpement Chorégraphique de Toulouse.

The Palais de Tokyo session was supported by Little Marc Jacobs.


Colette baby dance classes supported by Colette

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