Videos, Shanghai, 2010


Guest artists invited for the creation of two videos.


As part of the Shanghai Universal Exhibition 2010, I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER stages two videos exhibited at the French Pavilion.


The first one, which greets visitors upon their arrival in the pavilion, is at once an animated mirror, a mise en abyme, and a piece that plays with the concept of the museum space, a place of globalization but also a place where a very personalized relationship to the works and to others is at stake.


The second one, Movement and the City, captures a snapshot of Parisian life, the pulse and rhythm of a fantasized street, where the archetypes of a chic, arty and modern Paris crisscross.   Thus is created a typography-blink-of-an-eye of individuals whose shooting frame shows only legs, walking rhythms, crossings.


Directed by Roman Hatala and Jacques Ferrier

Architect: Jacques Ferrier

Art direction: Pauline Levêque

Produced by Flair Prod. / Guillaume Roy


In partnership with Louis Vuitton and LVMH.

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